Every investment in data proved to be a precious asset by itself.

Success is also a responsibility. We take it seriously to be accountable, confident and worth our customers’ trust. As of today, SELECT International has grown to be one of the leading Data Science experts in EMEA. We are moving forward expanding our organization, with continuous improvement, devotion and loyalty to our vendors and customers.

Shady Samir
President of SELECT International


SELECT International acts as a parent corporation for a group of companies which operate across the EMEA region to provide an advanced series of IT systems and services.

As a knowledge-based company, our core competence has been to appreciate raw data and perceive it as a valuable asset.

SELECT International works in partnership with leading global technology vendors to offer multiplatform expertise across a full range of hardware, software, solutions and services.

SELECT manages a group of fast-growing companies which provide advanced IT systems within a unique approach toward an optimal realization of the “Data Science” concept.


Our goal is to tailor the customers’ experience and ensure their satisfaction. We aim at creating long-term relationships with our customers by providing advanced IT systems that help them in managing their data efficiently and tackling their core business needs.


We set our quality standards high and aspire being the best Data Science embracers. We believe that the more reliable and secure data is, the more successful the business goes. We see ourselves as your partner who would help you not only in your problem solving but in extending your scopes. We gear our responsibility and challenge our limits.


A strong management team is what gets successful business. At each SELECT International company, our professional and well trained staff is dedicated to meet customers’ needs in a timely manner to gain their trust and loyalty. We’re people-oriented, every single detail counts and each member of the team collaborates in its progress.

For each business line and product, we carry our team possess the needful expertise and professional business/technical skills along with full suite of certificates granted by the technology vendors.


SELECT’s board of directors includes group of entrepreneurs whose strategies, vision and management are all set for SELECT to be the Data Science technology leader in EMEA market.

For each entity of SELECT International, a dedicated well-trained team contributes to the execution of the board vision by assuring that the highest quality business practices are provided to our vendors and customers.

A full fledge business offering:

  • Business Development
  • Channel Management
  • Sales
  • Pre-sales
  • Consultancy
  • Implementation
  • Training & Technical Support

Our companies

ONTECH provide physical security solutions, which help safe-keep sensitive data and protect the premises where your infrastructure investments are located.

Learn More About ONTECH

SMART VISION provides cognitive solutions and predictive analytics software that help in managing existing operations and attaining data efficiency in future business.

Learn More About SmartVision
( Middle East Europe )

SIGMA Technologies helps our customers in managing and storing their data efficiently in a fully integrated solution environment.

Learn More About Sigma Technology


“IBM Predictive Analytics business partner of the year 2015”

“Business Analytics Business Partner Award 2012”

“IBM Business Partner Achievement 2010”

“Best Sales Partner in 2009”

“IBM partner of 2012 for Europe”















SELECT chooses and embraces talented, professional and dedicated individuals who believe in team work and are eager to pursue new challenges.

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